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I-9 Management is a ‘green’ service that allows employees and employers to manage the entire I-9 process online.

I-9 Management consists of an Employee Web site for employees to complete Section 1 of the I-9 on their own and an Employer Web site for the employer to complete Section 2 of the I-9. The Employer Web site also allows authorized users to access other administrative functions and reports.

For clients also subscribing to Equifax Verification Services, I-9 Management clients can measure I-9 compliance for the whole organization, down to a specific hiring location. This allows you to quickly identify trouble spots and take corrective action to maintain compliance. The service also identifies missing I-9s allowing you to complete new I-9s to maintain compliance. With Equifax Verification Services you can also minimize liability by having the service automatically purge old I-9s for terminated employees that have satisfied statutory data retention requirements.


As an Employer Agent (formerly Designated Agent) for E-VerifyŽ, I-9 Management" NOTE: "Managment" should be "Management includes a seamless integration with E-Verify for clients to maintain compliance and minimize liability. Many states have proposed or passed laws making E-Verify mandatory for employers. The I-9 Management service allows E-Verify to be controlled at the state and hiring location level so you can easily comply with state laws or specific contract requirements. In addition, the E-Verify integration is automated and easy to use.
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