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Features and Benefits


Online Access

Two Web sites are available to complete and manage electronic I-9s. Based on the employer's hiring process, one or both sites can be used to automate the I-9 process.

The Employee Web Site allows employees to complete Section 1 of their I-9 on or before the first day of work. This site can be used by any employee, but is primarily designed for employers who:

  • Provide a new hire packet prior to the first day of work, or
  • Bulk hire employees at a single location or orientation meeting

Employees access the site and complete Section 1. The I-9 is stored in a pending state until the employer completes Section 2. If the employee makes a mistake on their I-9, they can complete a new I-9 and it will replace the old one. Pending I-9s not completed within an employer-defined timeframe are deleted.

The Employer Web Site is used by the employer's authorized users to complete I-9s, reverify I-9s, view and print I-9s for internal and external audits, and access reports. The employer can automate the administration of the service through file transfers and/or use the online administration features.

Compliance Reporting

The compliance reporting feature of the service allows employers to maintain 100% compliance with the law. By comparing the payroll data in The Work Number® to the electronic I-9s, the service measures compliance and identifies missing I-9s. The Work Number also allows I-9 Management to eliminate liability by removing I-9s that have satisfied statutory data retention requirements.

SSN Verification

An optional feature of the service is the E-Verify® program from the Department of Homeland Security. This integrated feature allows the service to automatically verify the Social Security numbers of all new hires. This feature has many benefits for employers, the most important of which is the elimination of liability. Employers are not subject to penalties for employees verified through the E-Verify who are not actually authorized to work in the United States.


The service automatically tracks work authorization expiration dates for non-citizen employees and notifies the employer. This allows the employer to maintain 100% compliance with the law by reverifying the work authorization of these employees by completing section 3 of the I-9 prior to their work authorization expiring. When used in conjunction with The Work Number, the service will not notify the employer to reverify terminated employees.

Converting Paper I-9s to Electronic Storage

Employers can measure compliance enterprise-wide and take advantage of the reverification features for existing employees by using I-9 Management to convert paper I-9s to electronic storage. After conversion, the paper I-9s can be returned to the client or destroyed in a secure manner.

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